How We Train

We begin with a "Training Startup Instructions" document which gets you started by walking you through a few simple entry screens.

Then we are ready to schedule your 1/2 hour phone training - we may dial in and work with you or just tell you what to do, depending on the type of office you have. We will help you create a "things to do" list at this time - that when done the second training will happen.

Within the first 15 to 20 minutes we should get to the point of actually printing a HCFA insurance form on your computer.

Other organized training sessions will help you learn to apply payments and run reports and schedule. We train you at your pace, not a predetermined plan assuming everyone learns the same way. We want you to be happy with your new system but we also want you to know the fastest and best ways to do the entry - questions are always welcome.

Other tools include a training CD that you can play over and over again. We supply you with a training notebook, loaded with tips and screen prints of the main screens you will be using.

The program is good and simple to learn but proper custom training is very important. Forced 4 hour training, 1 to 2 day training, does not work. We find out what is unique about your office needs and prioritize those issues in what we train you on.

We want you for a referral in the future!

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Lytec is owned by e-MDs , and has over 155,000 providers using it's practice management software. Easy PC services offices in over 42 states.

Combine great support and training with Lytec's award winning software. We understand the challenges you face in an increasingly competitive environment for the delivery of your services. We can provide the services you need to improve your revenue, decrease your costs, and effectively manage your HIPAA compliance risks.

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